Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Psychiatrists Top List in Drug Maker Gifts

While conditions begin to require the fact that Drogenfirme release their payments at doctors for lectures and other services emerged a sample: Psychiatrists acquire more moneys of the drug manufacturers than doctors in each possible other special field. As this money can affect, become of the most contentious expenditures in the health care has psychiatrists and other doctors. For example more psychiatrist of the drug manufacturers acquired, more, which, her are a new category efficient medicine to have prescribed, which admits as atypical Antipsychotika to the children is, for which the drugs particularly risky and mostly ungebilligt. Vermont officials released Tuesday, the drug company payments at psychiatrists in the condition more than geverdoppeltes last year, to an average of $45.692 ever from $20.835 2005. Antipsychoti medicine belongs to the largest expenses for the program Medicaid of the condition. Over all last year drug manufacturers spent $2,25 million on marketing payments, fees and travel expenses to the Vermont doctors, to the hospitals and to the Universities of, a 2.3-Prozent-Zunahme over the previous year, the said condition. The number most probably represents a small break of the total marketing expenditures of the drug manufacturers to the doctors, since it does not include the costs of the samples of the free drug or the salaries of sales representatives and their personnel members. Agreeing to their profit and loss calculations, drug manufacturers spend generally twice so much, in order to investigate drugs to marked out, as they do, in order it. "for the fourth year in a row, our analysis shows that there is many the money, which is spent in our small condition on pharmaceutical products of marketing" said William H. Sorrell, the Vermont prosecutor general. Endocrinologists received the second largest quantity, according to the Vermont analysis and acquired an average of $33.730. Since the condition marked the special fields only the upper 100 breadwinners, these averages represent the money, which unite from only the specialists of the condition one acquires. It gave 11 and 5 to psychiatrists endocrinologists in this upper group of 100. Still a similar sample was obvious in a Minnesota data base, which was the topic of a row article into the New York times this year. As in Vermont, psychiatrists on whole acquired those most in Minnesota, if the payments of $51 are enough, to $689.000. The times found that psychiatrists bent, who took most money of the manufacturers of the antipsychotischen drugs, to prescribe the drugs to the children frequently who are. These and other stories helped to refuel an increasing interest under condition and a federal official to document and limit payments at doctors from the drug manufacturers to. At a meeting last month discussed Colombia at the legal faculty in New York, condition prosecutor general out over the country ways to receive similar data for their conditions. And today, the senate-special committee holds for democrat of Wisconsin, first of a row auditions for aging, which is led by the senator Harsh Kohl, on the expenditure, which could to legislative requests lead, in order to limit and require release of payments and gifts to the doctors of the Drogenfirme in the whole country. Some legislators on the Capitol Hill showed interest in such legislation, including senator Charles E. Grassley, Republikaner von Iowa. "a Federal law, which requires general release of payments at doctors, could very more effectively, if it were carefully supervised and used, throughout," Mr. Grassley its said. Efforts to require release of payments at doctors began nearly by coincidence 1993, when the Minnesota legislation passed a law, which limits Drogenfirme of giving doctors of the gifts, which are evaluated at more than $100 in any given year. The legislation required also companies to report and public forms, which all possible advised fees paid to the doctors. Said to protection it exceeded Greenfield, a former condition representative in Minnesota and one of the authors of the law, with less fanfare or debate, after legislators stories heard over the doctors, who accept gifts of the large value of the drug manufacturers. "why we wish to use doctors captivating it, in order, what not only can be the best or most cost effective drug for the patient to receive to any hand television set we asked everything," Mr. Greenfield said. Still observance of the law spotty was. Some companies never reacted to the requests of the board for release. Other one so fitfully. Some sent saying letters collected it not these information and could not not them available make therefore. Minnesota officials cracked never down. Such report into Filedrawers and largely forgotten until this last year, said Cody Wiberg, Executivdirektor of the Minnesota of board of the pharmacy were used. Mr. Wiberg said that he planned this year, in order to exercise companies, which do not report can. Except Vermont and Maine more than dozen, which other conditions have or now similar legislation, said Sharon Anglin festiveness regard, Executivdirektor of the national legislative connection on regulation drug prices. Officials in Maine and in Vermont said that they would try to compare report of payments at doctors with Medicaid recordings in order to investigate, as marketing practice could affect a prescribing by doctors in the ways, the costs on taxpayers increased. "which we would like to do in the situation its, those, to cover prescribing information which we have with the exactly describing information of the drug," said Jehuda Walsh, special assistant to the automatic controller of Maine, John E. Baldacci are. "see if we that doctors in a certain southern county in the condition prescribe a quantity of drug and details describe a quantity for this drug receive, could those too some record reports lead, in order to see, what happens."

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