Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mosquitoes Have the Edge in Singapore’s Dengue War

Under the tub behind the cleaning to cleaning agents, Thurainadan Govindarajoo its flashlight shone into the shade and looked for gossip-addicted indications of the enemy. "people think only of the obvious places," said it. "we search, after which I call the hidden habitats." Under running out sinks, in outdated toilets, under preserved enterprises: where some drops of the water can stay, mosquitoes can breed. Mr. Govindarajoo is one of approximately 500 examiners of Singapore missions look for-and-destroyed by the national climatic agency, which is particularly trained, in order to lead house ton house, against Aedes mosquitoes, which transfer the possibly deadly Dandyfiebervirus. Despite their best efforts although, the mosquitoes seem to win, encouraged by the boom in the international clearance, global warming and their own adaptability. Singapore and its asiatic southeast neighbours are in the center of a new epidemic disease of the Dandyfiebers (pronounced cave-homosexual) on the course is already to state to of of more victims than the last epidemic disease regionally 2005. Thailand had already more than 11,000 reported cases up to now this year, with 14 deaths, while 48 people under Malaysia more than 20,000 Dandyfieberfaellen died. Ausbreitenes Indonesia, with more than 68,000 reported cases, had 748 deaths. And during of Singapore standing Dandyfieber in connection two deaths its give, form it the lowest calamity rate in the region nearly 3,000 cases its infection rate in second place only to Malaysia. Dandyfieber is a relative of the yellow fever, the hepatitis C and west Nile the virus. It sticks on estimated 50 million people one year, and remains no vaccine or treatment. In the acute cases it causes high fever and the laehmende lethargy, accompanied from the common before intensive pain in such a way that the illness "breakbone fever was called", when it was determined first more than 300 years. Approximately 1 per cent of these more serious cases hemorrhagic fever or impact, also in the gastrointestinal bleedings of bleeding and, develops to which rare cases, the brain and in death although there are expansions of the Dandyfiebers around the year in the tropical climates, is inclined cases to the point during the periods of the high precipitation and the high temperatures. If there is a silver fodder to the Dandyfieberproblem Singapore, is it that it made the island condition a global center for knowledge over the illness. While Singapore promoted itself as hub for biotechnology research, Dandyfieber became fast a general cause. 2004 e.g. opened the pharmaceutical company Novartis Institut for tropical illness here, with a specific focus on developing a treatment for Dandyfieber. Nontheless results were slow when coming. "there is no fast embarrassment here,", said Paul Herrling, Kopf of the korporativen research with Novartis. Dandyfieber is a puzzling virus to determine with difficulty and not possibly place under quarantine. Stuck on by those with Dandyfieber only the mild flulike symptoms develop ninety per cent, if they believe everything in all and they form unwitting storage vessels for the virus. Even if symptoms appear, they do thus day, after the patient became sticking on. And after the attack of the characteristic fever of the Dandyfiebers, which varies far in temperature, anti-bodies do not appear in the important levels for days, meaning the doctors cannot use conventional blood tests, in order to determine the virus, until the worst already more rueber its. A vaccine against Dandyfieber to manufacture a simple thing could be, if it were not for another Verschrobenheit of the virus. Dandyfieber has four well-known loads, and during infection with a load seems to place lifelong immunity against this load and one from the others to the order seems it, a person strongly bleed to leave more probable, if it is stuck on with one of the other two loads. Each possible vaccine therefore would have to work against all four loads at the same time. Because Dandyfieber was limited long on the Tropics, it remains an smallunderstood illness. Experts still do not know exactly, how the virus affects the liver, or why the level of the blood-coagulating panels in the bloodstream causes it to the acceptance. The virus spreads fast. Global warming extends the habitat of the Aedes mosquitoes, so that Dandyfieber marched now north of Latin America into the southcombined states. Commercial aviation carries individuals - and Aedes mosquito -, also stuck on, to the new ranges. If the virus cannot be blocked, or the only logical alternative the mosquito is to defeat the people, which carry it, placed determined and under quarantine, which transfers it. Mosquito expensive program of Singapore is recognized far as the rigorosesten world. There is widespread general consciousness campaigns. Posters around the island now represent black and white black and white striped, blood engorged Aedes with a warning: "if they breed, bleed you." Doctors are requested here by law to report to Dandyfieberfaellen the Ministry of the health which sends the information daily paper to the national climatic agency. At the agency the cases on islandwide diagram in an engaged Dandyfiebersituation an area are geplottet. Any range, within which two cases meet within 14 from each other in a radius 150-meter arise, a brenzlige place and examiner marked, how Mr. Govindarajoo are sent, in order to clean the range for the mosquito, the places of assembly breeds. The examiners designated a neighbourhood to the Indonesian girl at a house in Lengkong, in which seven Dandyfieberfaelle had lately broken out: "hello. Good mornings. Selamat pagi. Examination on mosquitoes." The examiners loosened out, some climbing up line leaders, in order to examine gossen, while others looked for the garden for standing water in preserved enterprises or between the sheets of the palms. Aedes aegypti, the richest over intermediary of the Dandyfiebers, became ideally the fast growing tropical urban climate corresponded. Differently than malaria-transferring mosquitoes, which stick at the rural areas and to swampy the water, it prefers freshness, cleans water. It breeds largely at home and needs only small laughter of the water to put its eggs. Christina Liew, a medical Entomologe at the agency, said that Aedes are not mosquitoes, as fussy approximate, where they put eggs, as was once believed. In the absence of the clean water, ms puts said Liew, Mrs. Eier in soiled water. "they learned to adapt to urban situations" said it.

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