Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Eat right for a Healthy life

Diet should be adjusted, ` the Desha'(territory), ` Kala ' (season as well as time of day) etc. considering. On in a habit of taking all six of of ` Rasa should be ' (taste) around disturbances of lack of nourishing to prevent. Time of the using food: A person should take meal, only if it feels hungry. The lunch should be taken early between 12 and 1P.M., which agrees this with the Hoechstpitta period, Pitta, is responsible for digesting. Ayurveda recommends that the lunch should be the largest meal of the daily. The dinner should few and lighter as the lunch its quantity food: Generally half of the capacity of the stomach should be filled with bodies, ¼ Th with liquids and the remainder held empty for the free movements of the body tendencies. Sequence of the using Nahrung:Madhur (sweet) rasa food such as fruits, in the Bigining of the meal, food to take with Amla and Lavana (sour and salty) rasa in the center and in the Katu, Tikta, Kashay (bitter, astringierend and sharply) are advisable food should at the end of the meal be taken method of using the food: * Wash the face of hands and the feet before meal. Feed in a located tidy and clean place in the pleasant climate with the affectionate persons in sitting position. * Food should be taken after complete digesting of preceding. * Hard individual parts should be used at the beginning, which is afterwards followed of switch and by the liquids. * Few sips the water now and then when taking the meal will turn out. * Heavy substances are contraindicated after meals and should be avoided * consumption of the excessive hot food lead to weakness. Cold and dry food leads to retarded digesting. Inlet of the food prepared before itself, by particularly giving heat leads too ` Glani '. Therefore consumption of such food should be avoided general guidelines over food consumption: Go one while to the meal, for from of digesting to helping no travel, exercise or sexual traffic within one hour to meal. Avoid meals, if thirstily and waessern it, if hungry. Avoid meals, after meals avoid effort, if you do not have appetite. If you do not suppress the appetite, as it to the body pain lead, anorexia nervosa, inertia, Vertigo suppress and general Debility the thirst, during it to general Debility, thoughtlessness and heart diseases does not lead. Consumption of the fresh, acceptable, easily existing and compatible food with different nutrients is a key to lead to a healthy life.

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